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64th Anniversary SUPPLEMENT

Our Cordillera forefathers have an answer to Climate Change
by Harley Palangchao

Long before scientist and environment mentalist warned of Climate Change with an urgent plea for mitigation measures, our… 
On Climate Change
by Marie Banaag

It may seem strange, but if we are to enroll in a seminar-workshop on Climate Change, what we would probably learn is to raise our tolerance to fear and panic. 
LT barrios enlist earthworms to process biodegradable wastes
by Jimmy Laking

In the heart of the Puguis communal forest, punong barangay Osburn Visaya puts on the finishing touches to a bamboo enclosure near a pit filled with rotting wastes. 
IP youth response to the challenges of Climate Change
by Rocky Ngalob

Through the years, indigenous peoples in the Cordillera lived harmoniously with nature. Even through simple living they thrived with the riches of the environment taking care not to disrupt the balance of nature. 
Go the extra mile to save our forest
by Nana Aoyong

Running gives me a rush, but even more so when it?s along the scenic trails of Baguio where I can breathe in the fresh mountain air, hear the sounds of brushing leaves, and feel the cool air on my cheeks while I run. 
Is it a ‘Green’ for Green Architecture
by Lorenzo Tacadao

It’s the perfect time to have a green mind − no, not the noon time show host’s type of mind, but an environmental kind of thinking. A mind inclined to sustainable development, construction, and advancement. 
Kawayan is Abra’ OTOP – One town one product,, one town one protection
by Liza Agoot

Gracefully swaying to the tune of the wind, the bamboo creates movements that give a person different emotions and feelings which sometimes sadden the heart but most of the time, uplift the spirit. 
Climate change and agriculture
by Patricio Ananayo

Just like any other serious socio-economic problem in the world, Climate Change is one of the current alarming global concerns of all countries considering its effect to the present and future human existence. 
Ecotourism is Sagada: Lessons from the cave connection
by Leia Castro

The mystical town of Sagada is a favorite destination not only for first timers but also for returnees who can’t seem to get enough of the place and are determined to explore all the ecotourism wonders this municipality in Mountain Province has to offer. 
Plastic o Bayong?
by Jogin Tamayo

Nanay used to tend a sari-sari store just across the street of St. Vincent Church along Campo Filipino. On weekends, I would wait for her to come down a six-seater Lourdes jeepney with two heavy bayongs (woven buri bags) laden with store items to be sold for the week. 
Legislating for Climate Change: LGU initiatives towards mitigation and adaptation
by Jane Cadalig

The Cordillera region is one of the testaments of a locality with numerous communities vulnerable to natural disasters. 
64th Anniversary Cartoon
Jogin Tamayo


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