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62nd Anniversary SUPPLEMENT

From ‘warriors’ to educators and missionaries
by Harley Palangchao

This landlocked province, once home to ‘fear–warriors’ during the Spanish colonization of the country, is now host to educated and peace loving people. 
English after a century or so
by Morr Tadeo Pungayan

Any place in the world today: When one meets a Filipino and when the same Filipino is asked (or ‘praised’ (!)) for his use, facility, or excellence&ndashparin in the English language, he will gladly or obligingly say he speaks [the]… 
Kabugao towards its centennial year
by Teodoro Tapiru

When this Apayao municipality reaches its centennial in 2013, local historians will need to brush up on the town’ beginnings. Reliable historical data will be useful for the focus of the celebration. 
Living to be a hundred: A look at two centenarians
by Liza Agoot

In three months, Magdalena ‘Nena’ Datoc Visperas will turn 100, as evidenced by the passport which she has been holding since the ‘70s when she started traveling to the United States. 
SVD marks centennial year in Abra
by Nardz Prodigal

As the City of Baguio takes pride in celebrating its centennial year with various events prepared, the Province of Abra, now with many upalatable and sometimes funny monikers, will likewise be marking a significant even of its own silent history… 
Baguio’ centennial athletes
by Jogin Tamayo

As the city marks its centenary on Sept. 1, it is worth noting the Americans’ contributions to the City of Baguio after carving their way through the rocky slopes of Kennon Road. 
‘We are all Brentonians’ An educational legacy from the Episcopalians
by Frank Cimatu

There are many long–time Baguio residents who have never entered Brent School. Among peers, many of us knew Brent School from that Sharon Cuneta movie where they were speaking in English on the football fields of Brent. 
SLU centennial: Wishfully looking forward, reverently looking back
by Kenneth Hamada

Baguio will be celebrating its centennial come September 1 while Saint Louis University will have its 100th birthday come 2011. 
Mayoyao's thanksgiving festival: Beyond a hundred years
by Kat Acupanda

Yesterday, April 25, the municipality of Mayoyao in Ifugao began the annual celebration of its Igkhumtad ad Majawjaw – a festival of thanksgiving for the work done in the rice fields. 
Strawberry farms: Juicy future in doubt
by Jimmy Laking

"Wife, into the garden and set me a plot/ With strawberry roots, the best to be got./ Such growing abroad among thorns in the wood, / Well chosen and picked, prove excellent good./ – Five hundred points of good husbandry… 
A collation of other centenarians in Baguio
by Leia Castro

Baguio City is counting days before it officiallyl celebrates its 100th charter anniversary. But a lot of places, institutions, and even living things have celebrated their centennial year much earlier than the city. Here is look at some of them… 
The Baguio Public Market: Then, Now, and Again
by Erlyn Ruth Alcantara

Over a hundred years ago, Baguio was a newly established township in the Northern Luzon highlands. The Baguio Market then served a small, multi–cultural community. 
62nd Anniversary Cartoon
by Jogin Tamayo


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