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71th Courier Anniversary Issue
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The true neighbor

Who is your true neighbor? Can you identify them?

When Jesus was teaching the people, an expert of the law tried to test Him by asking if who was His true neighbor. Jesus told a parable of the Good Samaritan to answer the question.

Literally, we identify our neighbors as the people living next door or near our homes.

But according to the Scripture, we can only identify our true neighbor when we are in trouble, distressed, frustrated, encountering family problems, or enduring long sufferings.

We can see our true neighbour when we are in need of help. They are those who are willing to extend a hand despite our individual differences.

There was a couple who were blessed with three children. The first child was diagnosed of congenital heart disease and was required to undergo heart surgery which cost a large amount. The couple did not know where to get money as they have no stable source of income.

By faith, they fixed all papers needed for solicitations. They asked help from the local government. They sent solicitations to different offices and individuals. During the solicitation, they saw that most of the people who shared their blessing are people they don’t know.

By God’s grace and mercy, the couple were able to bring their child to the hospital to be operated on. All hospital expenses were covered by the money raised from solicitations. After a year, the second child was born healthy.

The couple’s last child, their only son, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease like the first child. Again, the parents asked help from LGUs, sent solicitations, and conducted fund-raising activities. A lot of people extended help. Some offered prayers, others helped by conducing solicitations and fund raising events. Others gave cash. Most of the donors were from other places. The boy was operated on at the Philippine Heart Center and is now back in school.

A true neighbor is someone who has compassion for others, someone who is willing to share their blessings and serve others without expecting something in return.

I would like to thank all those who contributed in one way or another for the successful operations and medications of our child. May you continue to be a true neighbor to the needy. In this way, you will be blessed more.

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