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Perks of being a teacher

I always tell my students that if their ambition is to be rich, don’t become a teacher because teaching is service, not a job.

People consider a lot of things in deciding a career to take. Some consider the salary while others consider the work they will be doing. We have different reasons in going to our chosen path. Some did not have the freedom to choose the course they took up in college because others decided for them.

As for me, I chose to take up Education. It was not my first choice though. As a matter of fact, I detested being a teacher when I was younger because the salary and the work of a teacher did not excite me. I really wanted to become a doctor because I thought it was an interesting job, but I felt that my parents really can’t support me financially. I had no choice.

I call myself an accidental teacher. Having spent quite some time in the academe, I realized that being a teacher has excessively frill benefits.

Based on my observations and experiences, if you’re a teacher, you get the chance to be treated as a very important person in a restaurant, hotel, hospital and other venues simply when the manager, the owner, the doctor, or a ranking staff or official is your former student. You’ll be surprised at some complimentary dishes landing on your table in a restaurant or at the extra attention given to you by the hospital staff.

Other professionals address you sir or ma’am as a sign of respect. When the parents of your students come to school to see you or even if you see them anywhere, they would greet you and call you sir or ma’am even if they are older than you or even if they have a higher position than you. The community looks up to you because you become a parent of many children. You get to know a lot of families.

You are not only praised by your superiors for having done something good. You are also very much appreciated by the children and parents you have helped. These, for teachers, are the best commendations that they can receive.

But the most important perquisite of all is that teachers get the chance to touch and change other people’s lives. Teachers contribute to the successes and achievements of their students. They do not just directly affect the future of a child; they also indirectly affect the life of a child’s family – for a child’s success is also the family’s success.

Because teachers are believed to be agents of change, they have the privilege of contributing to the nation’s future. Hence, great responsibility lies on their shoulder because nation building starts in their hands.

Yes, teachers may be one of the lowest paid professionals, but for me, being a teacher is the most satisfying job. We may not get wealthy in material things but the fulfillment we achieve in doing our job does not have a corresponding value in the material world.

In celebration of the Teachers’ Month, I commend my former teachers who have molded me into who I am now. To all my fellow teachers, keep the passion burning. Despite the challenges we face in our profession, always smile and keep your chins up for you have the noblest profession of all.

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