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A song about life

Umus-usdong si Kabunyan” (God is watching us) is a song written and performed by Junie Rey Bag-ayan, a member of the local band, Kinnoboyan.

The first time I heard the song, I knew I have to add it to my playlist. The song’s message and rhythm modifies the mood.

The song talks about the conventional challenges that we face in life. Problems have become an ingredient that will complete our humanity. Loads of problems really test our faith and steadfastness.

The song also mentions the burdens we endure. We are living in a world where men go against each other for the sake of riches and power. In some instances, the people we love intentionally or unintentionally cause us our greatest pain.

The song also describes how different people deal with circumstances. Life is unfair, that’s certain, but at least it is unfair to all of us and that’s what makes it fair. The way we handle trials makes the big difference. Some give up easily while some bravely handle difficulties with perseverance.

Beyond all these imperfections, the song reminds us that there is a Supreme Being who is ready to rescue us in any situation. Kabunyan is the Cordilleran’s divine being.

These adversities may drag us down from time to time. We are even tempted to just give up sometimes. But again, we are encouraged to go back to our Creator who planned the best for us from the very beginning. When we call the One above, He will never fail to lift us up.

The song compares life to a river. The river flows in different directions. Sometimes the water flows freely and sometimes it struggles to pass through something that hurdles the way. Along its journey, it has to move fast and slow. Other times, it remains stranded on one spot. That’s the way life moves. Sometimes, we enjoy the smooth flow of events. It’s like almost everything works in our favor. But these good times can be interrupted. There will be stagnant moments where we cannot see any improvements or accomplishments. Worst, we see ourselves tumbling down and we become powerless to fight the force. Still, it’s part of living. As the song says, just like the river that moves in different speed, our life will undergo different paces. That’s what makes it beautiful.

Indeed, there are lots of motivational songs that brighten our day and inspire us to become better persons. This song, however, automatically connects an intangible link to the heart of the locals in a special way. The language adds to the clarity of the song’s message.

May this song make us appreciate and support our local artists. May we help promote the exceptional talents of the sons and daughters of the Cordillera.

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