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Movie star

Ready? Action!

The camera’s red light is turned on as the movie star immersed with emotions gets the spotlight. The ongoing scene is being carefully filmed at 30 frames per second (fps). This means that 30 still images are composed into one second, producing a smooth and HD-like effect of the movie.

Here’s the catch – you’re that movie star. At 30 days per month, you have your own spotlight in a movie called life. If we do the math, and if ever we are lucky enough to reach the age of 70 years old, one lifetime would translate to 14 minutes of film. That’s another realization of how short life is. Imagine that? Our 70-year existence on earth is only a 14-minute short movie at 30 fps.

But in movies, highlights like facing conflicts and overcoming challenges experienced by the movie star get more screen time because it gives the movie its essence. Just like how our ups and downs in our day-to-day life give its purpose of existence. Emphasizing the suspense, climax, and thrilling movie scenes cause the film to extend. And just like that, you have a movie stretching to about two hours because of emphasized scenes.

And so in life, we shouldn’t let ourselves be a plain 14-minute movie when we look back. We should fill it with precious scenes or memories which we cherish. At times we are victims; sometimes we are victors. When we think we are experiencing oppression, let us remember that things may turn into a climax of opportunity instead.

Life is existential that’s why making our movie is interesting and gives a sense of being alive. We only have one life to live. That’s why we have the tendency to cram things because tomorrow may never come.

We would be experiencing melodramas in the beginning, some animations somewhere in the middle, and maybe some fantasies from time to time. But at the end of it all, personally, I hope for a life akin to a movie categorized in a genre called “blessed.” A movie with good morals, I believe, is a well-made movie. A life with meaning, I perceive, is a life well-lived.

You are the movie star of your ongoing film called life, what scenes fill your movie?

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