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Our sevens

Many of us might have heard about the myth, or should I say speculations, that there are seven people who look exactly like us. Some would say you’d be lucky if you find your seven doppelgangers before you die.

However, for me, those seven aren’t doppelgangers. They are seven people you’ll encounter in this world. If by fate or by coincidence you’d find all seven of them, then you’d be luckier than those who found just their doppelgangers.

I have these seven people who can teach you a lesson.

The constants. This is the first set of people you would meet. They are your family – your parents. They are with you the day you were born up to this very day and they would constantly be by your side for as long as you can imagine. They are the ones who teach you that life is full of ups and downs but there is no other way than up – to rise.

The main men. These are your friends, your childhood “besties,” your pre-school playmates, your lifetime buddy, your confidants. They are the ones you’ve known first outside your family. They are the ones to teach you that “friends come and go like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stick like an octopus in your face.”

The first. This may be ironic but “the first” is the one you’ll meet third. This is what you’d know as your first love. The person who first made your heart skip a beat and your cheeks hurt from so much smiling. They, at first, may seem to always make you happy but they could be the one to teach you that although they may be your first, it isn’t certain they’ll be your last.

The obstacles. In any journey, obstacles can’t possibly be gone. This represents the people who’ve tried bringing you down and breaking you apart. They are the ones to teach you that you should make your set-back a set-up for your comeback.

The one. I’m sure after years, months, or moments of searching for “the one,” time will come and fate will bring “the one” to you. This is the person that’s meant for you. The person who’ll teach you that real love requires real effort and that “the first” and “the one” can be very different.

The life-changers. These are the people you would not expect to be part of your life. They are the ones who’ll change your life in one way or another the way you won’t expect it to change. They are the ones who’ll teach you that “your blessings may come in unexpected ways.”

Lastly, the realest – yourself. Finding yourself isn’t the easiest thing to do. The reason this is the last is that you find yourself with the help of all six people you’ve met. Once you find your true self, you’ll soon realize that the best part of getting lost in this world is that you get to go on a journey of finding yourself.

You’ll be really lucky if you’ve found all seven, for these seven people you’ll meet in this world aren’t simply people. They are your maps in this adventure called life.

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