Issue of January 7, 2018

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The world and the academe

The world we live in and the academe where we study are related in certain facets.

The great poet William Shakespeare in one of his masterpieces said, “All the world’s a stage, and all men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”

As 2018 unfolds, another scene will be taking place. In the academe, it’s another year of schooling process, another semester to start, and another grading period to commence and conclude the current school year.

The world is a training ground for life and the academe is a molding site for dreams. The challenges people meet in life serve to shape them better. Their lived experiences teach them to do better. All positive encounters are carried and all negative endeavors are shaken off. In the academe, the failures in performances teach the learners to strive more. Their adverse practices need to be broken. Persistence needs to be executed to value time and resources being spent.

The world experiences holidays while the academe goes through semester and summer breaks. The longest holidays are the Christmas and New Year. People usually visit their relatives and bond with them. They also enjoy attending various events. In the academe, learners take rest from academic pressures. They go for friend bonding or work with their family.

In the world we live in, it is a natural thing to act according to life virtues. Failure to do so will separate us from people’s trust and family support. Being guided by God’s words from the Holy Book helps us establish a fulfilling life with the fellowship of brethren. In the academe, learners and authorities are guided by the department and school policies. Opposing them may require parental conferences, symposia or official grievances. On the other hand, showing dedication in studies and active participation in curricular events bring success and awards.

The world and the academe are both breeding sites of dreams. Trial and error situations abound in them. Success is not an instant achievement. There are humps and crooked roads along the way. They are full of danger and surprises. Hence, cautious care and judgment must be developed to emerge victorious.

In relation to the words of Shakespeare, this New Year will challenge us to act according to our modified beliefs and resolutions. Doing our part well can determine the level of success we will achieve in life. The world brings many opportunities but not all of them are good. God’s gift of sound judgment needs to be used in order to evade regrets in the future.

In the academe, learners need to internalize their promises. The undesirable trait of ningas kugon needs to be removed from our system. Success is deterred due to this. The pressures we meet can mold us to be stronger and flexible. The art of positivism helps much in the attainment of our goals. Life without challenges is boring after all. We are not all born wealthy. In fact, it is not only in educational institutions where pressures are felt. Since education is a constant process, it confronts anyone. It is just how we deal with it that helps us delight in it.

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