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The road towards being whole again
“Every person has a story; every person has a wound that he or she seeks to heal,” wrote Kilroy Oldster in his book “Dead Toad Scrolls.” Indeed! We see wounded people around us struggling with their damaged emotions. Some are dealing with slight emotional pains while others are facing intense emotional trauma.

The source of these emotional pains varies from one person to another. Most emotional pains are caused by the loss of loved ones and the degree of pain is amplified if the reason is unforeseen. We also get emotionally hurt when we are rejected, judged, ignored, or belittled by someone we interact with like our family, friends, workmates, or neighbors.

When we get emotionally hurt, other emotions such as anger, self-pity, guilt, and resentment are triggered. Our initial defense mechanism is to build a wall around us to protect our wounded souls. As much as possible, we shy away from the source of our emotional pain. We become captives of the pent-up emotions boiling inside us and like a castaway, we wait for the time when we get rescued from the nether world we are in. In most cases, our tears become our source of comfort.

Dealing with emotional pain is an agonizing experience for it cuts deep in our souls. Researchers from Purdue University in the U.S. and Macquarie University and the University of New South Wales in Australia found that emotional pains are more excruciating than physical ones. This is because “social pain has the unique ability to come back over and over again, whereas physical pain lingers only as an awareness that it was indeed at one time painful.”

The only way out of this emotional roller coaster is to deal with it. The only way we can be free from the negative emotions trapped inside us is for us to go through the process of emotional healing.

In one blog post that I read, emotional healing is as important as physical healing because our emotional being affects our mind, body, and spirit. With this being said, it is then imperative that we heal our emotional well-being if it’s pained. The question is how do we go through emotional healing?

Perhaps the best way to start emotional healing is letting go of the negative emotions eating us up inside. This is surely a difficult process but it is an important step in our journey towards healing. If we learn how to let go of the negative thoughts enslaving us, there would be no barrier in our path to embracing a happier, better future.

Relaxing and meditating may also lessen the heavy emotional baggage we carry. I don’t practice meditation – I don’t even know how to go through with it – but people who do it say that it helps restore positive thoughts.

Usually, when my emotions get the best of me, I confide in my mom or my husband. I find every conversation comforting especially because they are good listeners and counselors as well. You see, having people around who are willing to listen to you also paves way to that emotional healing we are yearning for.

Another important aspect in emotional healing is forgiveness. Let us forgive the people who have done us wrong. Let us mend broken fences and start anew. It may take a while for us to do this but eventually, we will get there. Let us not forever hold grudges against others or harbor guilt against ourselves because the longer we do it, the longer it will take us to heal emotionally.

Emotional healing isn’t done in a day. It takes days, weeks, months, and even years to pick up our broken self and put it back again. It is actually a lifelong process for old wounds can be opened back easily along the way. Regardless, we should take up the path of emotional healing for it is the only way we can be whole again.

As we go through this sweet torture, let us be comforted with the words of the Greatest Healer: “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.”


Put your best foot forward

This year is another year for us to reflect on our achievements and failures. It is also a year for us to plan for our future and to look for new opportunities to make our life better, brighter. One way to do that is doing good and working smarter. We need to learn how to prioritize, to plan, and to identify our strategies in putting those plans into actions.

First, we need to list down our most important concerns for this year. A few of these are: Stop being late. Punctuality is very important in everything we do. Going to school on time, submitting outputs before deadlines, arriving at meeting places on time are few examples. This would mean that you are a man of your word since you respect the other person’s time. Positive outcomes usually emerge from being prompt;

Start being more responsible. Being responsible is a sign of maturity and reliability. It also means admitting when one committed a mistake and taking full accountability for the consequences that may follow. Do not blame someone for things that do not work since in the first place, you were given the privilege to decide on better outputs;

Be more creative. Creativity gives a voice to a person’s thoughts. Expressing ourselves in some creative ways is a great form of reducing and relieving stress. It also helps us in keeping our mind sharp and active during class discussions. Taking initiative on innovations and projects are also always advantageous;

Manage your time. Time management is essential. It teaches us how to make good use of time for increased quality outputs. It will help us set our priorities and become more creative and productive to do the right thing at the right time. With this, we will be able to finish all the “To-Dos” with quality; and

Face your fears. Everyone has fears, which limit us from doing the things we need do. We have to face these inhibitions, boost our confidence and conquer the tasks ahead. Facing our fears will open a lot of opportunities for us.

The list may be longer depending on how we want to perform better this year. What is important is, we start the year right by putting our best foot forward.

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